Thursday, April 25, 2019


Hello boys and girls!

Just a quick work in progress shot of dreg number two for Mordheim MMXIX.

All in all a pretty simple conversion based on the new Moonclan champion, with the head from a necromancer plus some other bits and bobs. I think I'm gonna call him Quasimorbius or something like that.

Thursday, March 28, 2019


Does your eyes deceive you? No, they do not - for I am back with yet another of these, increasingly sporadic, blog posts! I sure long for the times I could update the blog on the fly using a phone app...

On to the models. Hobbying has been as sporadic as the updating, but I have actually managed to crank out some stuff the last few months. To begin with two finished character for my incipient Mordheim MMXIX undead warband. A humble zombie and a slightly less humble necromancer, based on the nifty new gene-cult Locus.

I've decided to use the wraiths from my fledgling Nighthaunt-army as count-as dire wolves, as the models are simply too cool not to use.

Furthermore, I've been playing a lot of Kill-Team lately and have been having some fun with the new Mechanicus Sector terrain. I'm pretty pleased with the refinery I bashed together, even though the ruin and larger building admittedly is bit more pedestrian. They work really well in-game though - here seen housing a mob of Ork Kommandos. (Sorry for the varying quality of the images here - photographing terrain is different from snapping pictures of models)

Last but not least, my pals at Warhammer Community sent me a little gift:

I'm simply in awe of the new Abaddon. I love that it sticks so close to the original model, only turning it up to ten - but not, as I feared, eleven. There's a restraint to it. Big, but not gigantic, detailed, but not cluttered, dynamic, but not standing-on-one-foot-jumping etc.
It's the perfect update on a classic, and among the top ten GW miniatures ever. Vastly superior to the action figure-like Guilliman; this is a proper MODEL - not a toy.

Not sure what I'll do when it comes to painting and modelling. I might paint the old bastard more or less straight out of the box, or convert him into some kind of warpsmith-style dark mechanicvm character. We'll see.

That's it for now. I'll be back in a month or two. In the meantime be sure to check out 28 Mag - the new online magazine about all things grimdark:

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Mordheim MMXIX logo by Tammy Nicholls

This summer a bunch of enthusiastic hobbyists (including some of the very same madmen who concocted the original game) will meet up in Helsinki for what promises to be a truly spectacular Mordheim campaign. Celebrating the game's 20th anniversary, Mordheim MMXIX (or Mordheim 2019) will be set 20 years after the events of the original game in the apocalyptic, breughellian, ruins of the City of the Damned.

The architect behind the campaign is none other than my buddy Alexander Winberg, and you can read all about it on his blog Echoes of Imperium: MORDHEIM MMXIX

My plan is to field an undead warband, led by a sinister vampire. So far I've finished a lowly dreg, and converted an even lowlier zombie.

Monday, January 07, 2019


Happy new year folks!

I really don't feel a need to do a written recap of 2018 as it's pretty easy to survey the year by looking at archive to the right. It's only 9 posts all in all so a written summary feels rather superfluous...

Not to say I've been completely idle - I managed to partake in two big event games in Nottingham, finish a squat-themed Inq28 retinue, the beginnings of a Nighthaunt army, a primaris based deathwatch squad, a board and lots of terrain for Kill Team, and last, but certainly not least, the enormous Great Unclean one.



However, this year I'm resolved to be more productive than last year.

I kicked off 2019 by adding a new recruit to my long gestating mercenary gang. He doesn’t say much and admittedly keeps some weird habits - but he’s nice to have around in a gunfight.


This year will also see the calamitous Mordheim MMXIX event in Hel(l)sinki. More on that later on...

art by Wayne England, Rogue Factor and Tammy Nicholls, remixed by Alexander Winberg

Monday, September 10, 2018


Progress on my kill team has slowed down to a crawl, as work and real life suddenly have reared it's ugly head after summer vacation.

I have managed to build a fifth member for my kill team though - the squad zealot and chaplain in training, armed with a mighty heavy thunder hammer. I almost changed the head of the hammer as it's just so ridiculously oversized, but in the end I decided to keep the thing out on account of it's utter badassedness. The crew is sorta kinda battle-worthy now, clocking in at 85-isch points. I will make a few more marines though to have some options when fielding them - namely a sniper and a heavy gunner.

Here's the whole kill team in all it's glory. From left to right:

Battle Brother Komeda (combat specialist), Battle Brother Desplat, Sergeant Dukas (leader), Battle Brother Silvestri and Battle Brother Zimmer (zealot).

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


As stated in the last post I've been severely bitten by the the Kill Team bug. Here's battle brother three and four for my Deathwatch kill team who will join Sergeant Dukas and Brother Desplat made previously.

 If I could I'd arm the lot of them with shotguns as reivers with shotguns are my new absolute favourite thing - there's something so quintessentially badass about that combo. These guys will be fielded as regular deathwatch marines - I just use the primaris to give them a proper scale.

I've also cobbled together a custom Kill Team battlefield/killzone. It’s made out of a 60x90 cm cork notice board - more or less the perfect size for a kill team board and it comes with a sturdy wood frame and everything.

The topographical variations are made from cork sheets glued on with PVA glue. The board was then strategically sprinkled with pebbles and some debris, painted with vallejo textured paint (which is great - especially as it it's cheap and comes in a huge 200 ML jar), sprayed with GW grey and khaki and then drybrushed with light grey. To finish it off some powders were applied to give a more realistic look.

Thursday, August 09, 2018


And things were going so well.

I had painted up another reaper, the five glaivewraiths from the box and another couple of chainrasps pushing up the unit to twelwe strong. I was on a roll! Maybe I could actually finish this little army of mine.

And then Kill Team came along...

It started small with testing out the new sector imperialis ruins. They turned out rather well and from there it just started to snowball. At the time of writing me and a few mates are planning a killteam campaign, I'm building a gameboard and are working in parallell on a Deathwatch killteam based on the sergeant and shotgunner I've made in the last year - and that's just one of several kill teams I'd like to cobble together.

The small number of models needed for the game is absolutely perfect for my style of painting and modelling - so I've got a feeling this will be the main 40k game for me in the foreseeable future. It'll allow you to try factions I've never messed with before, like necrons and tyrands, and using proxy rules you could field just about anything - xenos mercenaries, Adeptus Arbites, mutant uprising, renegades, navis nobilite, deathcults etc. etc.

But I'm gonna finish those damn ghosts at some point! Mark my words!