Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Like my facebook page please... I SAID LIKE IT!!!!

As you might know my day job is as an illustrator (and reluctant writer).

I just set up a new public facebook page to display new and old art, promote events like signings and such.
If you like my minis you might very well like my art, so head on over and start clicking thumb shaped buttons!

Here you go: johan egerkrans public


  1. Done!! I've only had a quick peek at the FB page so far, but I definately like what I saw. Fantastic work!

  2. Geez, I hope that's not an accurate self portrait their Jeff :D

  3. After seeing your little people illustrations, well now my wife joined me as a new fan of your work ! ^^

    My favourite is your island monster : reminds me a lovecraftian style "Magohamoth", a magic creature from a french comic book.

    1. Yeah - there´s a lot of mythical island sized monsters like that in stories from all over the world. This particular one is my, rather lovecraftian, take on the legendary norse Kraken.

  4. LIKED!!! :)

    And consider some of it swiped for a phone background ;)

  5. Liked!
    More nordic goodness! Love it.


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