Saturday, October 15, 2016


It's been quiet here for a while... I've been up to my neck in job stuff - and when job stuff equals drawing dinosaurs you really don't feel the need to do anything else.

But today is a special day. Just a few hours ago this blog passed the one million views mark. 
I think huzzas are in order! 

To celebrate this momentous occassion here's a sneak peak at a new character for my outgard retinue. 


  1. Congrats! Really looking forward to seeing the whole group given how charming this chap is

  2. Well deserved, you do inspirational conversion work!

  3. Finaly, welcome back ! And wow, 1.000.000 views ? All hail the Convertorum !

  4. Congratulations, Johan! That is an incredible achievement -- colour me jealous.

    Bah, who am I kidding: You've really earned it!

    Keep up the amazing work! You're always a huge inspiration!


    P.S. Huh, what gives? Dinosaurs are awesome, dude! ;)

  5. Cheers guys! Thanks for all the huzzas and words of encouragement!

  6. One Million well deserved Huzzas to you

  7. Congrats mate , well deserved attention. "If you build it they will come" springs to mind haha

  8. 1-mill.... impressive mate.

    New fig looks suitably imposing.

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