Wednesday, June 06, 2018


In the immortal words of Dr. Nick - Hi everybody!

As you may have noticed posting on this blog is becoming more and more erratic. This is actually only partly to do with the fact that I'm not doing as much painting and converting as I did a few years ago - though that's certainly part of the story. The main reason however is that google has more or less stopped supporting the blogger platform. I used to be able to do quick posts on the fly from my iPhone or tablet, which was quick, easy and worked great (or at least worked). 
But without updated apps this is sadly no longer possible. Which means posting nowadays means intentionally sitting down at a computer and writing a blog post. Which is less spontaneous. Which means it happens less frequently. 

We'll see what the future brings - I'll keep this blog for a while but I am toying with the idea of moving on to some other platform or simply starting up a convertorum facebook page. I do like the blog format though - it's easy to navigate and works as a diary of sorts. There's a sense of continuity to a blog that facebook and other social media lacks.

I have been busy though. This weekend saw a few scandiwegians - all of them, except me, named Alexander for some reason - travelling to Nottingham to hang out with Tim Molloy, Peter Hudson/PDH and the one and only John Blanche for a game we called "Colossi of Rhossum Secundus". Other hobbyists like Helge of WilhelMiniatures fame and The Polysmith (check out his outstanding conversions here:, pitched in with some lovely miniatures, but couldn't make it to the actual game.

The game itself was all about a bunch of desperate warbands duking it out on the abandoned forgeworld Rhossum Secundus. A running theme was the inclusion of colossi - huge lumbering machines that the warbands had, or tried to take, control over. We played the game on one of the magnificent custom built battlefields at Warhammer World. It was crazy, amazing and a whole barrel of laughs, even though my Inquisitrix and her band of merry squats didn't manage to do very much at all except mildly annoying Pete's armiger robot. This won't be a write up of the battle but I´ll leave you with a few photos of the proceedings. More to come. Eventually...

Inquisitrix Snowe and her mining guild compatriots on the surface of Rhossum Secundus

The whole crew. Acteon assault servitor on loan from the Mechanicvm.

Inquisitrix Snowe of the Ordo Xenos

Her bodyguard, Battle Brother Desplat of the Deathwatch.

Brother Desplat next to two of the squat mining guild representatives, Skaeggi Skaeggisson and Yksi Kaksisson respectively.

And then some random snapshots of the mayhem. Did I mention the colossi were huge?
They. Are. HUUUUGE!!!

Next up will be some spooky new models that got sent to me by GW as part of the early reviewer scheme.

It'll be a post guaranteed to haunt you. 
At night.

*wink wink*


  1. Cool! Is that one of the new armigers in there? Everything fits the aesthetic really well. I particularly like the tower-like crawler in the bottom picture.

    1. Yeah Pete converted the Armiger - it was beautiful. The crawler eiffel tower was made by Polysmith. It is one of the most impressive conversions I've seen in my life. Follow the link to his instragram and check out his pic.

    2. Thanks for the link - his work is amazing. There's some terrific converting and painting in this post!

  2. I really like your walking TV tower. And the rest too, of course, it's all brilliant.

    1. I unfortunately didn't make the wandering tower - Polysmith did. My contribution were the inquisitrix and squats featured at the beginning of the article.

  3. Lots of lovey photos. Looks like a fun time.

  4. Looks like amazing fun! And yes, perhaps not a safe work environment for Squats.

    I hope that Space Marine tried to Legolas up the side of one of those Colossi, or else he's just not doing his job!

    On the blogging front, Wordpress has an excellent phone app. I blog mostly from the computer, but I've used the app a few times in a pinch and it works great. Super handy for uploading photos directly from my phone, and supports pretty much all the advanced features from the web version.

    1. The marine did jump aboard one of the colossi, and managed to cause a modicum of mayhem, but the dice gods were just not with me that day.

      Wordpress is of course an alternetive - looking in to it!

  5. First of all, so happy to see an update over here, Johan! :)

    Snow-white and her four squats are looking absolutely stunning -- as expected, really. The rest of the retinue is great as well, although I particularly like the subtle yet effective Greyfax conversion.

    Thanks for the photos from the event, too -- looks like everybody had a great day with those gorgeous models!

    As for the subject of blogging, if I may just pipe up to say that, if at all possible, please maintain some kind of blogging presence instead of switching over to Facebook/Instagram completely, like everyone and their cousin seems to be doing lately. That would be much appreciated! I, too, can only say good things about WordPress, although I compose all my posts on a PC, so yeah...

    Anyway, excellent stuff! :)

    1. Cheers Krauty!

      I'm actually not that happy with Snowes face - that van Saar head looks like Vladimir Putin. I might change it to one from one of the new female stormcasts once I get my hands on them.

      I'll probably keep the blog as it is. Just wish they'd update the apps already.

  6. I've been following the development of this game for a while and and I have to say it does not disappoint! Thanks for sharing your experience of it.

  7. Very impressive. Your warband is excellent--I like that it has a Blanchitsu look/feel/mood whilst still having a crisp classic paintjob: bravo.
    For what it's worth blogging and following blogs is my favourite way to consume miniature related content and instagram is a distant 2nd. I used to like forums but they've had their day I think and Facebook is very subpar.

    1. Cheers Kym!

      I also like the blog format. It's more like a journal - and feels more enduring than posting stuff on facebooks or the instagrams.

  8. Awesome stuff, as always. The Logo is very cool, too!
    Please stay with the blog! It's just something else than social media. Requires more love, so to say. And therefore time of course, but that makes it an experience (for us readers). Every great blog feels different and individual. I never have that feeling on facebook.

    1. Cheers!
      Comlpetely agree about the blog format. It's hard to beat.

  9. Nice to see an update. I hope you do continue the blog, but I would love to see you join instagram as well. It really does allow for quick, easy posting of models, but more importantly there is a great community there. Doesn't have to replace the blog, but I think it could be a great supplement to it.

  10. Fantastic post Johan. That is a magnificent warband, very cool theme. Someday I will make it to Warhammer World.

    I really like those barge things - so creative.

  11. I'd also like to say that I hope you stick with the blog. For me, FB posts are like sandcastles or cotton candy. Very easily digested, but certainly not enduring or fulfilling. Whereas a blog has lasting power and impact. Blog posts are like books in a library, and can be looked up and re-read whenever you want. Try that with a FB post. Heck, on my own blog, many of my older posts from years back still get more hits than any of my more recent posts.

    Both are good platforms, and I enjoy seeing FB posts too, but not at the expense of losing another great blog that I enjoy immensely!!

  12. I'm usually pretty good about pinning down which bits you used for what, but I damned if I can figure out where you pulled the heads for the Squats. Any insight is appreciated!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

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