Sunday, November 24, 2013

It's a wrack, people!!

I took a break from the truscale marines that's been my main focus the past months - wanted to do something completely different...

The result was this rather creepy looking wrack to go with the serpentine Acothyst made a while ago. 

I think this'll be the blueprint for all my wracks - it's really a pretty simple conversion, but nonetheless quite effective.


  1. Great conversion! Reminds me a little bit to Kari Hernesniemi's "Skull Hopperre" ( Did he was some kind of inspiration for the wrack?

    1. Yes Skulhoppere certainly was inspiration, that and the tyranid rippers it's based on. But that was something I realised consciously when halfway into the build...

  2. Great! A good and original use of the Talos Kit (very inspired kit also )


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