Thursday, December 19, 2013

Underhive scum

Last night in a flurry of inspiration (which might have something to do with the Ravenor Omnibus I'm reading) I put together a whole bunch of minis and finished up the chainsaw warrior. I was going for a classic mid 90s Necromunda look for these (well, exept the cultist).



Mutie (mould lines to be removed)

Death Cultist of Mhorrigot


  1. Nice new stuff.
    The hunchback mutie kicks ass! I like his psychotic, ghoulish face. The simplest conversion are sometime the most impressive. The bounty hunter is a cool start, but the Mhorrigot cultist needs definitly more spikes, pins or something else.

    1. Oh yes - he's far from finished. Spikes will abound.

  2. That mutie is fantastic! Great choice of bits and pose.
    And the Death Cultist looks very promising.

  3. Great work all around, but that mutie is amazing.

    I know that Mhorrigot cultists should have spikes, but the death cultist looks so very good in this clean state that it would be a shame to lose that.

    1. Thanks!

      Well, I'll add some nails, but probably mostly on his back so as to not break up the silouette.

  4. Fantastic as always!

    You said you're reading the Ravenor Omnibus, which makes me wonder, does the mutant have anything to do with that twist Swole encounters in the Carnivora?


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