Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chainsaw warrior

I've been feeling a bit stuck in a rut lately, and haven't had much inspiration for painting (theres some pretty funky primed builds standing around on my desk but they deserve the proper enthusiasm ) .
That said there's been a lot of playing around with bits, but not much has come of it. I might actually have reached the point where I have too many bitz... Constraints can be liberating you know.

Last night however, I put together this guy as an homage to the classic game "Chainsaw Warrior" (and, of course, Evil Dead):


  1. It really fits with the original concept and the evil dead reference is brilliant ! This one shouldn't be too hard to get painted !
    One quetsion, where does the padded jacket come from? I was looking for some and idn't find any, what sprue dies it belong to?


  2. That's awesome, dude... but where's his "boomstick"?
    Can't wait to see this one painted. Needs lots of blood spatters! :P

    1. "Scout biker shotgun in holster" is in the mail... :-)

      I normally don't do blood spatter as I sometimes find it a tad " juvenile". But this might very well be an exception.


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