Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Magos and the Merc

Here's what's on the workbench right now: 

A sinister Explorator Magos to lead the warband - based on the trusted chaos sorceror (my third sorceror conversion within one year...). He's flanked by a mechanicvm affiliated mercenary - the perfect operative for those less official archeotech-gathering missions...


  1. Beautiful builds, man! Loving how many cool options there are in the new ad-mech kits!

  2. These do look great. You should grab a photo with all your ex chaos sorcerers together!

  3. Have you been reading my mind again? I ordered the bits to do a similar magos conversion weeks ago. Sadly the post allowed you to get there first ;)

    Great work as always and the chaos sorcerer is one of the nicest models to work from

  4. Soo cool! Your use of bits to make your conversions is sublime.

  5. Gorgeous stuff. The mercenary is amazing. Using these bits to add a bionic arm seems so obvious now I see it, but it just hadn't occurred to me.

  6. Wicked conversions, as usual!

    You should expand that small force and build an entire army ;-)


  7. I think we may see that mercenary conversion copied on the web many times...

    Stunning work. That sorcerer conversion looks suitably creepy

  8. Great builds Jeff :) which kit is the top of the staff from?

  9. Cheers guys! Glad you approve!
    Got to wait until next week to finish the magos - need some bits from the new tank servitors...

    Bigboss: the skull is from the censer servoskull in the scion-kit.

  10. Wow, the magos is a beautiful piece already. :) Eagerly awaiting progress on these two.

    1. Thanks Ana!

      The merc is already finished! Pics tomorrow...

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