Thursday, July 02, 2015

Jaeger paint phase

Halfway there with the Jaeger. 

Here he is along with his ragtag band of mekanoid compatriots:


  1. Yeah, that is so great! Wonderful limited palette :)

  2. I love the static pose. He's very imposing!

  3. The Jaeger is a ridiculously good build Jeff.

  4. Dude, I love all of these. Might I ask why so many subdued colors? I get the whole "grim dark Mechanicum" thing, but what's stopping you from laying down some white paint? Hell why not some hot pink or slime green?

  5. Cheers guys! So far so good.

    @Quinn: There's actually quite a lot of off-white on many of these models if you look closely.
    The reason I paint the mechanicvm stuff in dark destaurated browns, reds, greys and cyans is because:
    A) I really like those colours
    B) It gives them a sinister medeival feel.
    C) It fits the established general look of the wider imperium and the mechanicvm in particular.
    Hot pink or slime green would make them look slaaneshi at best and like an 80's robot saturday morning cartoon at worst. Not the look I'm going for.