Sunday, July 26, 2015

Revised Symmachus

Made some minor bug fixes on the splice seer. Think he works a little better now.


  1. Very nice :)


  2. Great model! I really like the texture you've achieved on the robe.

  3. It's wonderfull mate ! Those robes are a real master piece ! Seems you've just increase your paintjob.I'm very impressed

  4. Cheers guys! Painting the robe was the most rewarding part of this model. Lots of spatter techniques and freehand symbols.

  5. Once again a most impressive piece.
    Have you ever considered making a few tutorials of you painting technique? I really admire your ability to get every thing to look so dirty.

  6. I love this. Very evocative of certain 2nd Ed art pieces. I love the grit and dirt.

  7. Mk2 is much better. More depth to the robes really makes him stand out more.

  8. Awesome!!! I like this very much. It's one of the best, I guess. Impressive and cool. Art in its highest form. Wish you inspiration and everything.
    Cheers from

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