Sunday, August 21, 2016


I finally got time to finish the feeble spearman. Pretty pleased with how he turned out - there's just something so delightfully wonky and awkward about this bloke.

And here he is next to the swordsman:

These first two are more or less pure fantasy/medieval. Which is all fine and well, but I'll be mixing in a bit more dark futureness from now on.   


  1. I'm glad you went with the small buckler type shield, he looks more whole now. Fantastic paint job as usual. Look forward to the more dark future stuff. I'm intrigued to see how outgard brings the sci fi element to the mix.

  2. Fantastic models, this is a great start! The freehand on the shields are a nice touch.
    I'm really looking forward to the more 40k-ified models :)

  3. They look great! And yes, there is a delightful awkwardness to the spearman : )

  4. The pose is perfect, but it's the left arm that really sells it for me. It drives home a hint of cerebral palsy that instantly tells me the story of how this guy limps around the battlefield. Aesthetic of pathetic indeed!

  5. Beautiful painting as always! I can't help but feel my own crippled spearman is rather lacking in comparison. I'm really looking forward to seeing the sci-fi elements added :)

  6. The small shield works perfect! Great job, Lord Vader! :D

  7. Cheers guys! Glad you like him!

  8. Reminds me of Don Quixote - broken down, confused, and ramshackle, but stalwart in purpose. Fantastic.

  9. Just struck me that he has a peg leg as well as a wonky pose.... So good!

  10. Ithink the shield is in that perfect area where it's too little to offer much protection, while still being big enough to encumber your poor spearman.

  11. Fantastic work, wonderful conversions and paint jobs!
    I'm getting a kind of Terry Gilliam feel from them which I love.

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