Monday, October 07, 2013

Knight and angel

Made and painted a body for the "tutorial head". And in record time methinks. 

Quite pleased with this one. 

I also cobbled together a freaky little cherubivm to keep him company:


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    1. Hehe... Thought you'd might like that cherubivm...

  2. Aw, man, now you're just showing off ;)

    Fantastic work again. That cherub wins best everything in all available categories! It's a Nurgling body, right? But where's that head from?

    You continue to impress, sir!

    1. Yeah, well... it´s been a productive week.
      Sometimes inspiration strikes... Plus I think I have reached a sort of critical mass in my bitz collection where I can make almost anything I can think up, which makes work go much faster...

      The head is from the wraith-kit. You get quite a few spare heads. They miss a bit at the top to fit the cowl however, so one has to sculpt the "roof" of the skull.

      Wings from the Dark Angel veterans, right arm from the Talos, the rest is wire and greystuff.

      The Nurgly Cherubivm was inspired by something I saw on the ammobunker, but I can´t remembeer who did it....

  3. Great marine and I love what you've done with the angel, very different from my nurgle angel ;)

    1. Aha! So it was you!

      Thank's for the inspiration - wouldn't have thought of that miself...


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