Sunday, October 13, 2013

Assassinatrix Mk II - part II

Hi again!

I finished the assassinatrix yesterday and gave her an undercoat. Or rather three if them... 
Thought I'd show off how I sprayed this gal:

I began with a normal chaos black undercoat, taking extra care to keep it fairly thin. After that had dried I sprayed a thin coat of army painter leather brown from a horisontal angle, and then finally army painter bone from above.

This process gives the model natural looking highlights. Which means you dont need many coats of colour on top of this - the blending is already done. Many areas just require a wash to give it a tone and a line highlight or two. 

Here she is after a few hours of painting:


  1. Yeah - it´s one of the skulls from the wraith-kit. I put them to good use - one on the recent cherubivm and final on the Mhorrigotii cultist...

  2. Nice work. Do you use an airbrush or rattle cans for the spray coats?

    1. Thanks!

      Rattle cans! I wholeheartedly recommend Army Painters range - they work very well, especially over a chaos black spraycoat.


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