Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Good Knight

Just got back from the Gothenburg book fair (think Games Day for books only 20 times bigger...). 
It was quite an ordeal, as usual, but a lot of fun and my book was very well recieved. 
Which, of course, was nice. 

Anyway - back in business. Drax is undercoated, but I haven't quite figured out the paintscheme for him yet... So, in the meantime I picked up a new veteran marine head and a old semi-painted truescale grey knight that's been standing around giving me a bad conscience. Here's where he's at presently:

I actually tried to paint the eyes on this guy, but these new models have such delicate features it takes only a few coats of paint to cover up the finest features. He does have whites and black dots for pupils, but if they're where the eyes originally went is a completely different matter... 


  1. That face is just insanely intense. Absolutely love it.

    We should all apply Avril Levigne style black eyeliner on our models. It definately makes them look badass.

    1. It was more of a happy accident... If I ever tackle a Space Wolf though, this is how I'd paint the eyes:


  2. Looking fantastic so far, keep it up!

  3. That is one bad arse looking chap. Face and eyes are great!

  4. Thanks! He's a bit cross eyed actually but what can you do... I do like this head - the beard gives him a certain nobility that really fits a defender of the imperium


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