Monday, January 06, 2014

Imperial Assassin

The headswap on the repentia got me thinking... 
That ninja style dark elf head reminded me of Jes imperial assassin from the good ol' Rouge Trader days - a mini I found immensely awesome at the time:

I decided this was the perfect time to recreate that image in glorious plastic. I even managed to do some real greenstuff work ( something I normally try to avoid as I have no patience for curing times whatsoever...).

EDIT: here's where he is now. Added a sash (ninjas like sashes, right?) and fiddled a bit with the gun. 


  1. I was always fond of that old model too. Great idea to recreate him in plastic! He is looking really good thus far. The only thing that bothers me a little are how large his hands are (they actually mimic Jess's model so it kind of works, ha ha). I really like his pistol so far, particularly the extended magazine in the grip. What are your thoughts about the scope on the pistol? I feel it is elevated a little too high, which would make it difficult for the assassin to actually use.

    Greenstuff work is tricky business. I have to go in stages only doing a small amount of it at a time, often having to go back and touch up details. Keep up the good work!

  2. It would probably be rather impractical for an assassin to use a pistol the size of his chest...

  3. More fantastic inspiration from you Jeff - brilliant stuff - really makes me want to rummage through my bits boxes and start putting things together.

    And a belated congrats for the Blanchitsu article - all you guys in the INQ28 movement are providing a wealth of inspiration through your blogs.

  4. Yeah - I know what you mean - the assassin is a very "bitz-boxy" conversion isn't he?


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