Sunday, January 12, 2014

Take that Jeff Goldblum!!

Here's my version of the human fly:

Jobs a good un' I say...

Still tinkering with the plague prophet - thinking about adding some wings:

What say ye? The wings would more or less push him into daemon prince territory and that really wasn't the original intention. 
On the other hand it does look pretty cool...


Also made a scavvy cultist for the retuine:


  1. Wow, amazing! Besides, you painted that in no time!

    1. Well... I did have the whole weekend to myself... It took about seven or eight hours to paint all in all.

  2. Wow, you already have him painted! Impressive work.Great choice of colors all around. I love his legs and arms, they work together perfectly.

    As for the plague prophet, what if you gave him some sort of cape made of chains woven into his flesh? The wings do look pretty sharp though.

    1. Yeah those wraithguard arms are pretty nifty.

      Chain cape sounds a bit to kinky for nurgle - more of a slaaneshi thing. I'll probably just add some spikes or something to break up the silouette.

  3. Painted fellow is just buzzing with flavour.

    Wings - smaller ones. That way they'd be too small for him to conceivably take off and it'd still look cool.

    Cultist is damned sexi!

    1. Thanks mate!

      Cultist is being painted - I'll put it up soon!


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