Monday, January 27, 2014

van Kushing

Here's van Kushing (I changed the name after a discussion over on the Ammobunker) in a more-or-less finished state:

There's a few details left - some freehand work in his left pauldron, some mistakes that need cleaned up, etc. etc. but I'm moving on to other stuff for now. 


  1. Outstanding job here. That face.... ooh that face is awesome with that hairstyle..

    1. Thanks! I think I managed to channel Peter Cushing like intended!

  2. Great Job, Jeff! Grand Inquisitor Tarkin looks very cool and I like the usage of the Servitor energy tornister.

  3. Great looking model! I really like how his hair turned out; it fits the model perfectly. I also love they way you make your little purity seals, they always look wonderful.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. That face is pure jaw-dropping awesomeness!

    Wonderful work :)

  5. Wow - absolutely brilliant stuff yet again.

    I love how you have painted the mace, but more especially the robe - brilliant stuff. Any tips on the robes finish - is it washines and chipping?????

  6. Thanks!

    A lot has to do with the spray coats, black base, brown and the a light spray of bone. The light spray gives the model a slightly textured finish.
    Then I just go nuts with washes and a few drybrush session working up from brown to bone followed by khaki/bone highlights. The chipping are done in khaki/white mix with a black dot over them painted on with a thin (.005) marker pen.


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