Saturday, March 15, 2014

Grey Knights for sale!!

As might have been mentioned I'm moving out and as usual in such circumstances one often takes the oppurtunity to get rid of some unecessary baggage.

One of the things I'd like to get rid of are my Grey Knight strike force. The main reason being that the truescale bug has got a complete hold over me - I'd like to start over using only biggerised marines and contemptor dreads with a new paint scheme similar to the questing knight. 

So, who wants to buy these guys (or know someone who might want to)? 

Strike Force Grieg

5 man Grey Knight strike squad Ravel

 5 man Grey Knight strike squad Holst

6 Grey Knight Terminator squad Grieg

Venerable Dreadnought Brother Dvorak

I have no idea what to charge as I've never sold painted minis before - if anyone's interested just give me an offer and we'll figure something out. The cost of the actual kits is roughly 1200 SEK / 130 € / 110 £. It's up to the potential buyer to judge what the paintjobs and conversions might be worth...

Drop me a line if interested!


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