Sunday, April 13, 2014


The stormtrooper sergeant is coming along nicely, except for the antennae that snapped under construction, got replaced by plastic rod, and then broke off again during painting. 
I'm going with metal wire next time...


  1. Very cool. You really have got me interested in starting a warband for inq28 with your stuff. Really inspiring! Any reccomendations for other blogs that you surf for inspiration? Cheers

    1. Thanks.

      The blogs I follow are here on the right under "favourite blogs".

  2. Looking great! I feel your pain about those stupid antennae on their armor. I have been dangerously close to breaking them off on multiple occasions (to the point where I have considered removing them entirely...). I am glad you decided to use the hooded head; of your options that I feel looked most natural (and most interesting!).


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