Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Iron Sleet

Fellow hobbyists Kari, Mikko and Migsula are, along with a few others, three of the persons who inspired me to get back to the hobby and start up this very blog. These days I also proudly call them friends.

I 've literally spent hours pouring over their respictive blogs, Spiky Rat Pack and Legion of Plastic, marvelling at their enigmatic visions of the 41st millenium (and, of course, at their skill and creativity).

These three hobby powerhouses are now joining forces and have created the new blog Iron Sleet. Head over there and check it out. It promises to be something quite special:


  1. Already following it, but it's really reassuring to see so many people posting about this new project and realising how many people love the same things I do. :)

  2. It does feel like something very special doesn't it? Spikey Rat Pack and Legion of Plastic are two of the blogs which inspired me to return to the hobby and to do what I'm now having so much fun doing. They also led me down the road to discovering many other amazing sites, like this one for example :)

  3. Hi Jeff. Thank you very much for the shout out!

    1. Well I think it was you guys or Migs who were the first to spread the word about Officio Convertorum when I started it. Just returning the favour ;-)

  4. Thanks mate! Much appreciated! It would be cool to do a featured artist article with you once the show gets really going. So fur the traffic is orders of magnitude bigger than our old blogs :)


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