Saturday, January 03, 2015

It's good to be king

One of the things that initially really sold me the blightkings kit was an image from the GW Stockholm facebook page:

 I was just completely blown away by the sense of weight and general rotting grandeur this mini and realised I had to buy the box to recreate that very image, or at least something similar. Here's my take:

This guy will be painted as straight up warhammer piece - there will be no 40k-ifying of this one. 

Though all the parts come from the blight king box its still a conversion as the kit is pretty inflexible. The peices can only fit in one way and only fit one of the five kings - any swapping of parts between them requires some cutting and greenstuffing. This is perhaps my only gripe with the models. It would have been easy to make  at least the heads, arms and weapons more interchangeable. 

On the other hand splicing this guy together didn't take wery long and the kings unconventional construction makes for some very strong and varied poses.  
Back with a quick progress shot of the mini. 
This guy was/is a blast to paint and I've come a long way just work with washes, letting them do most of the heavy lifting. This is the blight king at the four hour mark. 


  1. I really can't wait to see how this guy turns out! I'm a HUGE Warhammer Fantasy fan so seeing your work in that genre is an exciting prospect. The characters pose is such a powerful one. You've done a great job splicing.

    1. Yeah - I like warhammer as well. There's something very "Realm of Chaos" about this mini so putting him in the old school setting seems fitting.

  2. Do you have a tutorial or article of how you do your washes?

    1. I'm a bit crap at making tutorials but at least there's two articles in the label-list here to the left. There's also this article that might give some sort of insight into my approach to nurgly painting:

  3. Sweet paint job for such a short session. Congrats! I wish I was this fast at this quality... something to aspire to I guess.


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