Saturday, March 28, 2015

Interitus heavy support walker

The brilliant new mechanicvm models (if you haven't seen them - head over to the GW homepage NOW!) inspired me to have a swing at some large scale kitbashing. Here's what came out of last nights frenzied gluing and bluetacking - a still very work in progress legio cybernetica heavy support walker:

Here with a servitor next to it as a size reference: 


  1. That's very cool...
    The first thing I thought was its a Easter hatchling knight chick!
    Seriously though that's some really good work all the bits look like they were made that way, what is the main body though that has me kinda stumped?
    kinda reminds me of a modern aesthetic update of the old space crusade dreadnoughts.
    Or, another gun on the top and it's a less insectoid vorax automata .

    Would of been nice to see a shot of the rear view as it looks rather interesting

    Great stuff!

    1. Cheers mate!

      It's based on a ork dredd body turned horisontal with sentinel legs.
      I'll post more pics later on when it starts to come together!

  2. Very cool conversion. I particularly like how it looks from the side, the profile seems to fit well with the profile of the new Striders.

  3. That is a seriously cool bit of kitbashing - inspiring stuff, man!

  4. Wow! looks like a "small" maulerfiend and an old Dread ... Very impressive kitbsah mate ! We need more!

  5. That's an awesome looking kitbash, man! I like the use of the Boneripper head and the whole thing kind of reminds me of ED209. Ace!

  6. Thanks guys! A 40k ish ED209 was very much what I was going for - a little like the old chaos dread from Space Crusade.

  7. Scaring monster! This one is outstanding, wow, awesome!


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