Friday, December 11, 2015

Plagueborg pt.II

Did some more work on the nurgle servitor last night:

I gotta say I'm rather pleased with how the addition of the bayonet makes him echo the good ol´ chaos androids from Space Crusade. 


  1. Chaos Androids, what a concept!

    For inspiration, you could always look at the spindly Synths from Fallout 4, they're just a bit creepy looking.

    Where's the head from anyway?

    1. Yeah - they always felt a bit random. Years later they sort of evolved into the Necrons.

      The head is a trophy hanging off the armour of one of the blightkings.

  2. That head is one of my all time favorite bits :D It's been in my "save for something special" box for a while. Very nice, look forward to seeing him finished

    1. Haha. I agree - it's way too good just to leave as a trophy on some blightking. It has to be one of the grisliest heads GWs ever produced - true body horror with that bound up lolling tounge...

  3. Creepy. Looks like he would be fast, which is not something you usually think about with nurgle.

    If you want to make it even more nurgly, you could make the "hoof" split, and add in some wood grain. You could move the gun blade up a bit, and then have a wooden foregrip where it is currently.

    1. I haven't used wood that much in the rest of the nurgly gang actually - it's more rusty metal and putrid flesh.
      I should move the blade really as it would be worthless as a bayonet as it fitted now. But on the other hand I like the silouette as it is now... Perhaps he uses it as an axe? Besides - impractical weapons are sort of a tradition in the warhammer universe anyway...

  4. Brilliant! I must say he already looked splendid when you showed him at an earlier stage.

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