Saturday, March 19, 2016

Morning Glory

Today's the day for our glorious Path to Glory game!

The plan is to run a small three-game campaign, but as none of has has ever tried out the Age of Sigmar rules there's really no saying how long the battles will take. We'll come back with some sort of battle report after the dust settles. 

I spent last night in a frenzy painting the final model for the warband - a sixth blightking, converted from the classic plague lord. For once I managed to document the process:

I'll be back soon with better pics of the trolls and coverage of the forthcoming  battle. 


  1. Hi, would you be able to walk through the process with the techniques you use? I can see you've used washes (inks?) and possibly drybrushing for the off-white followed by further washes?

  2. yes, a step-by-step post would be much appreciated

  3. I echo the above comments. Could we have a tutorial please as I would love to use this technique on some zombies I have in the painting pile.

    Many thanks.

  4. Yeah we're all just gonna keep bugging you for an in depth step-by-step.

    I remember you saying in a previous post that you use a 3 stage basecoat (Black>Brown>Bone) or something like that. And that the rest was layers of washes and drybrushing.

    But it would be nice to see an article dedicated to how you paint your amazing miniatures.

    Keep up the awesome work :)

  5. It's strangely refreshing to see the Plague Lord model actually being used for a Nurgle force, instead of being converted for Inq purposes. Nice work.

  6. The Lord is looking great, love that helmet.

  7. Alright alright! I'll put up a walkthrough!

    Glag you like him guys. :-)

  8. Great pice of conversion painted very well - always a pleasure checking your blog!
    Looking forward for the step by step :)

  9. Amazing work, it's being a real pleasure to follow your work, rather inspiring. I bought Blightkings just because i did see them in your blog, best kit i've seen for years.

    In spite of being tiresome, a step-by-step post would be much appreciated

    Thanks so much and keep the great work ;)

  10. Wow, that's a great use of the Lord and a lovely finished result.

  11. So what happened to the step by step guide? I think this guy looks awesome and would love to know how you did it so I can steal some ideas for my own

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