Friday, March 29, 2013

Back from Bologna

Just got back from the chilren's book fair in Bologna which I had the privelige to attend this year. I've probably gained three kilos in as many days from all that great italian food... (and wine...)

Once back I decided to finish up the crusader.
Experimented a bit on this one - the shield designs are not painted on with a brush but rather drawn with a staedtler pen. You have to let it dry completely though which I learned the hard way so it came out a bit smudged. In other words the technique isn'r exactly oerfected yet but it does however show promise.


  1. Great idea with the pen. Back when I collected space wolves I used to draw their company marks. The crusader looks great. Where is the empty hand (power fist?) from if I may ask?

  2. It's one of the open hands from the grey knights kit. I tried to pose it like he's holding the shield.


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