Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More old stuff!

As promised here's some more old stuff.

A couple of Grey Knights including Brother Grieg - the justicar for my terminators.

Two inquisitor retuine characters - a guard veteran and a freaky little mystic I'm quite fond of.

Theres also an Inquisitor (Inquisitor Wagner - I tend to name them after classical composers if that has somehow escaped you) that I'm not at all fond of. Sometimes a mini just doesn't come out the way you wanted it...


  1. Fine fellas, all of them. The guy with the bandaged arm is the best of the bunch methinks.

  2. Yeah. He's got character that one.

  3. Excellent stuff, once again. Although I have to say that, while the Grey Knights are great too, your kitbashed Inquisitorial models manage to eclipse them by a whole lot.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean... I'm gonna have a go at a truescale marine at some point - these guys just look a bit weedy.

  4. Great stuff, the wounded veteran really has personality


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