Sunday, March 17, 2013


Cleetus the chrono-gladiator in glorious technicolour.

He so crazy.


  1. Beautiful! Very happy to find this forum through a friend's linking.

    And thank you. I have had a long spell of absolutely no time for the hobby, but seeing this and your take on the Wraith made me immediately decide now is the time to fix that.

  2. Thanks a bunch!
    Looking forward to see some more stuff over on Legion of Plastic. Your blog, along with JRN and the other "Blanchitsu" guys, is the main inspirational source for this little project.

  3. I'll echo Migs' comment. Found your blog this morning and felt GRAND inspiration here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. And I'll echo my thanks. As i said you guys were the inspiration for this blog so I'm really proud you in turn find it inspirational. I've always admired your paintingstyle and often try to emulate it ( even though I'm way sloppier...)


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