Thursday, March 07, 2013

Witchhunter finished

Well. More or less finished at least... There's always a few minor last touches left, but for the moment I call this one done.


  1. Now this chappy is stunning. So glad that Kari emailed me a link to this blog. Inspiring stuff....that also got Mig's out of hobby hibernation for which I thank you


  2. He looks great! A true mix of punk scifi and medieval madness.

    Great blog, it is good to see Scandinavia rocking the scene

  3. Thanks guys!
    And, yeah, I quite happy with this one. For once a mini came out more or less the way I had imagened him...

    PDH -I think we're all happy Migs has awoken from his slumber....

  4. Looking back at your posts and this chap is still just as good five years on.


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