Monday, July 01, 2013

A brush with failure

Here's where I'm at with the inquisitrix. 

Sadly this has become a bit of a botched paintjob. Normally I can cover up minor inaccuracies in the conversion when painting. However, in this case the result is the other way around - the paintjob sort of exagerrated the defects.

Oh well... She's still a work in progress and "We'll fix it in post production" as they say in the moviebiz...


  1. Any defects seem to be quite well hidden from me.
    Very cool miniature.

  2. Don't they pay her, look at clothes ... Poor woman.
    I agree with Manus, she is looking great.

  3. She can probably be saved.

    Both from a life of poverty and messy paintjob.

  4. Unless the flaw you're worried about is around the back, I can't see anything wrong with her so far... she's looking great

  5. Yeah, you're far too critical of your own work. I've zoomed in and everything and I can't see a damned thing to complain about on this cool mini/paint-job.

    Quit it and finish her already. :)

    1. Hehe. It´s her good side...

      Seriously - I´m really not trying to be coy here or anything. I´m just not happy with her - sometimes a mini just doesn´t work out the way you wanted it. Normally a mini looks better in real life than on a photo but this seems to be the exeption that defines the rule...

      Anyway. I´ll finish her up before I go to London/Nottingham on thursday. She will be the leader of my expedition team.

  6. As above, I wish the best of my efforts looked half as amazing as your 'failures'. I reckon if you cracked on with it you'll end up with a truly stunning miniature.


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