Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pain and pleasure

The insidious forces of chaos still have me firmly in their grasp. 
I was planning to do a mhorrigoti-themed marine next but after the grittyness of Nurgle and Mhorrigot I felt the need to paint something slick. This truescale Emperors Children has been sitting half finished on my workbench for far too long so I finished the detailing and then started painting. 
Started with his head and painted that  separately - 
the body only has a chaos black spray at the moment.


  1. I like his twisted, noseless head... very creepy!

  2. That is indeed a twisted mini - well done

  3. Daaaaaaaaang...

  4. Glad you like him! I'm going to try to keep the blue-black batman look of the armour when I paint it - just some subtle blue tinged highlights...

  5. His face is excellent, creepy and perverse, just like anything from Slaanesh should be! I have not really seen anyone use the Sanguinary Guard bodies for Emperors Children, but think it is a fantastic idea, something I am surprised more have not thought of. Really emphasizes their narcissistic tenancies. I look forward to seeing some more pictures of him!

  6. Now that you mention it I haven't seen many sanginuary guard/slaaneshii conversions either. Strange - almost seems like a no-brainer.

    Looking at him again that swell cleft on his chin feels a tad to much. Might resculpt that...


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