Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old school

Found this little guy hiding in a wardrobe while cleaning the apartment. Must have painted this when I was 17 or so...
Ah, Kev Adams - you are missed.

The grot also reminded me that I have to put up some more pics of my Waaagh. The blachean stuff has become the main focus of this blog, but I'm really an orkoid at heart...


  1. Oh my! I recall this particular model with considerable fondness. Back when I played 2nd (or was that 3rd, I can't recall which) ed 40K, I used to throw huge screens of Gretchin up in front of my orks. They were handy for absorbing huge amounts of fire, or soaking up a charge so that line of orks immediately behind them could decide to counter-charge, or "redeploy" (ie run the heck away while the gretchin got slaughtered).

    Hours after this model got painted, he found himself on the front lines, being ordered to absorb a charge of Chaos Bloodletters. As his buddies got slaughtered all around him, he proceeded to rifle-butt each daemon back into the warp. Surviving round after round of hand to hand combat, he held the flank due to some amazing dice rolls on my part, and some unfortunate ones on the part of my opponent. It was amazing... one of those freak moments that endeared me greatly to this model.

    And the craziest thing was that he continued to survive equally improbable battles like that game after game after game! Not sure what was up with this model, but it was like this tiny little model was blessed by Gork and Mork. And it wasn't like he was just the last model pulled from the unit... back in that particular rule set, you resolved each HtH combat separately (much like Necromunda). He just kicked butt.

    Alas, I think I sold that model off a long long time ago... if I ever do come across him again, he will definately be incorporated into my radical Xenos Inquisitor's retinue somehow...


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