Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm in love

I normally don't make posts about new miniatures and almost never about Warhammer Fantasy, but on the other hand it's on rare occasions that GW releases a GODDAMN DINOSAUR!!!

Well, sometimes they do actually, but I never liked them before as Trish Carden, their previous resident monster maker, had a less than stellar grasp of anatomy and a penchant for sculpting skin that appears to be rotting off the creatures body. Great for nurgly stuff perhaps, but not as good on a supposedly sleek elf dragon.

The new Carnosaur though is just the perfect warhammery version of a large therapod. Coming off as a mix of Allosaur and Baryonyx it sticks pretty close to actual realworld dino-anatomy. The head reminds me more of gorgonopsis though - meat eating mammal-like reptiles that preceeded the dinosaurs, but the combination works really well.
As you can tell I'm a bit of a nut for paleontology...

Anyway, thank you Seb Perbet for making this. 

There may well be a count-as wraithknight eldar exodite dragon knight in the not too far future...
That, or Glarrg the Brontoglorrgs bigger brother...


  1. Some of the creatures for the Lizardmen are stunning models, this one especially. I'm trying to work out how easy it'd be to remove all the straps for pulp games too

  2. Actually this is the first time they've ever got it completely right in my opinion...

    The stegadon is way to fat too move, the older stuff are all bad Trish sculpts, and the other new models are not quite there either (The new teradons are just bad sculpts with wonky anatomy while I find the ankylosaur simply a bit boring). This one just strikes the perfect balance between exaggerated warhammeryness and real world anatomy.


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