Friday, February 07, 2014

Maunsell pt.III

Here's the finished Maunsell. 
Had a sick day today so there was little more to do than finish him up. 

I had originally intended his skin to be darker, but it only turned out slightly tanned.

There's a distinct lack of characters with darker skin in 40k, which should be amended. That said, one of the reasons (apart from a majority of people involved in both sides of the hobby being white) might actually be that it's easier to make light skin "pop". 


  1. Lovely work as always. The fabric and the slight washes on the pads are the standouts to me - great stuff mate.

  2. Well then, lets have some more grimdark folks of colour. (Is that the PC term? Should there be a grimdark PC term? LOL - too much PC, not enough grimdark.)

    Functional and business, I like this paint scheme.

    1. Yes - "folks of colour" is most definitely the PC term.

      If you're living in South Carolina.

      In the 1950s.

      Glad you like Maunsell - meaning business was the look I was going for.

  3. Hi Jeff.
    Great mini as always. If you're interested in getting a game of Inq28 I'm holding an event at Gothcon this year called Stamus Contra Xenonem. You're very welcome if you want and have the time.

    1. Wow! Thanks for the invite! When is gothcon (never been there...)?

    2. Gothenburg,

      There' a lot of toher activities of course, might be a bit steep if you go for just our scenario... ;-)

  4. That is great. My one worry over the arms is knocked out now everything is painted and they match the torso and the shoulder pads in a different colour makes it look so more 'right'. Love the face and overcoat especially.

  5. Glad you like him. Marine arms aren't that big so they normally work quite well on human sized characters.


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