Sunday, February 09, 2014


Kryten done. Due to the somewhat unpredictable results of my three spray undercoat method, this model recieved a wierd velvety surface. It's hard to paint on and some details were also obscured so I went for a very quick and dirty style on this one. Grim dark galore...


  1. I have gotten a similar effect when priming my models. I think it was because I was holding the spray can a bit too far from the model, which made the paint partially dry before reaching the model. In most cases, I would try to avoid it, but I think it suits this guy quite well. Enhancing his weather beaten look. I really like your rendition of a hotshot lasgun!

    1. Yeah - I think that's it. Had a simililar mishap on the Mhorrigotti cultist...


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