Monday, September 09, 2013

"The Borg? Hmmm. Sounds swedish..."

Here's the painted servitor. I like this guy - he's got a nice Borg-thing going on.

"Resistance is futile" etc. etc.

Here's a few other models I'm working on... 

Eldar corsair bountyhunter, a sort of mech-smith-cultist and the humble beginnings of some nasty little wierdo...


  1. Great work again!
    Very inspiring piece - another one! ;)

  2. Great work mate - looks very 40K.

    I like the look of the smith ad little blokes are always fine fare, but not sure on the Eldar - I think its the stave on the back- looks unnatural. If I could offer an alternative suggestion, it would be to have it upright in one of the arms as if he is leaning on it in rest.

  3. Yeah - that´s would look cool but I wanted her in a gunslinger type pose.... There´s a modeled sling on her back so the halberd is´t just sticked on. However you cetainly have a point...
    It might look better if I remove the lower blade - the balance would be better methinks.
    I´ll give it some thought - thanks for the feedback!


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