Saturday, September 14, 2013

The ancient and the twisted

RI'm in full eldar mode at the moment - finishing up the wraithguard squad I started when the new kits came out a few months ago.

These will be for a ghostwarrior/haemonculii team-up army. 
Wracks, naturally, will be part of that - and here's the acothyst for the first squad: 


Added a third arm for some bonus wierdness! 

I've gone for a snake-like bodymorphed look using the tenticles from the talos kit. Works pretty well methinks... What say ye?


  1. I say that looks very nice, the Talos tentacle works perfectly.

    Will the rest of the squad be similar body shapes or will you do a mix?

    1. They'll all share this bodyplan - at least this squad. I've got four tenticles left so that's enough for a small venom- mounted squad.


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