Monday, September 23, 2013


Here's a final update on Drax before I start painting. 

I actually tried some sculpting on this one - trying to make the face seem like a streched skin mask, held in place by a meat hook anchored to his carapace. Very Clive Barkery - as befits a haemonculus. 

It turned out okay I guess, but I'm centainly no Jes Goodwin or Brian Nelson...


  1. I think it's very effective. Did you wait for it to set a little then stretch it? It'll look great with an equally stretched paint job!

    1. No - I didn´t dare... Greystuff sets much quicker than greenstuff...
      Perhaps I should have used GS instead to lend a more rubbery feel to it. Oh well...

  2. Very nice work there, and I can see how you could enhance the effect further with the paint job.

  3. Done no if it looks like he has been to the chopshop or he is the chopshop - does look mighty nasty either way, great job.

  4. Looks good ! Want to see how you'll paint it ;)

  5. Thanks you gentlefolk! I'll update as soon as he's got some paint on him...

  6. This stretched skin effect is very cool. Now I want to see the painted version. :D


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