Tuesday, September 17, 2013


As the title suggests I'm experimenting with different set-ups to photograph my models and find a way to make the most of the iPhone camera. 

And before you ask - yes, I do have a "real" camera - a Canon powershot s95 - and no, I don't find the difference is big enough to justify all the hassle of uploading the pics to the computer, taking them into photoshop, saving them, posting them etc. etc. I want to snap away when finished and post them directly through the phone while I'm on the bus to work. 

Anyway - here's a few different setups with various backdrops and whatnot. Which do you guys prefer?


  1. Personally I'd prefer a black background or a dark grey one. I'm picky so take this with a grain of salt...all of these options have some issues with them. They either have too much red or too much white.

    BTW, I love this conversion and I might have to swipe it from you for my dark eldar. One thing I am amazed about is the speed of your painting. I see a model in grey plastic up one day and then it's completely painted the next! How do you do it?

  2. I like the last one, nothing to steal attention from the model.

  3. The first or the last.

    All depends on which type of lighting you want the piece in question to be dressed with.

  4. Well... The thing is - the background affects the way the camera picks up the colours on the model. The red makes the model appear closest to what it looks like in real life.

    Color theory - go figure...


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