Friday, September 20, 2013

The doom that came to Anyah-Ra

As you might have noticed eldar of different kinds are in vogue here at the convertorum. Might have something to do with the approaching Fall (see what I did there).

As I've stated before, they're intended for a craftworld ghostwarrior/haemonculii coven team up army: 
The (as usual rather sketchy) backstory is that the craftworld Anyah-Ra (a homage to the classic swedish science fiction epic "Aniara" by Harry Martinson) has been ravaged by the forces of She Who Thirsts. More or less depopulated they face the same grim realities that Iyanden does and now they have to rely heavily on ghostwarrior constructs in times of war. But in their desperation they go one step further...
In the hope of finding a way to restore their population through whatever means necessary the remaing farseers have decided to strike a deal with a renegade Haemonculus Ancient - a master of cloning and other, more sinister, rejuvination practices.  
The price for his services are high though - perhaps higher than they ever could have imagened...

Here's the finished wraithguard unit:

And here's where the Haemonculii Ancient, working name Zalasaar Drax, is at the moment: 


  1. Coming together really nicely fella. Love your de conversion.

  2. Holy cow! That haemonculous is terrifying - great build!

    Love the wraithguard as well. Beautiful work!

  3. Thanks! He's even scarier now... Post pics soon!


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