Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Clan war

The crew is starting to come together, and basing each member on a different clan was a great decision as it brings a lot of personality to the mob.

Here's 'arpooner Kwee-Kweg the snakebite:

Question is - top knot or no top knot?

And here's the beginnings of the goff:

I really think the snazzguns look way better when cut down like this.

Finally I fixed the cap on the blood axe:

As was pointed out it previously was perched a little high which looked a bit silly in all honesty...


  1. Topknot looks good posed at that angle.

  2. I'm going to give a different suggestion and make the Snakebite's topknot central and swept back over his head.

    It looks like a cheerleader's ponytail the way it is positioned at the moment. :P

    I like the little medals you've added to the Blood Axe, I might just pilfer that idea!

  3. Cheers guys!

    Thanks for the input. I'll ponder Kwee-Kwegs grooming for a while and focus on the rest of the crew.

  4. Great to see you making steady progress on more orks for the squad! The bloodaxe has shaped up really nicely. His hat looks great now that it lower. The second metal on his coat is a welcome addition too.

    The Snakebite is looking good. I am not sure I like the top knot (I feel it is something you see too frequently). I think I would rather see some feathers or something to extenuate his feral character. Or maybe a bone earring or a collection of skulls from his victims?

    1. I hear ya - he does need something, but not necessarily a pony tail...

  5. They're very nice! I think the topknot works- it makes him look bigger. He definitely need something on his head, if not a topknot perhaps a mohawk?

    1. That's actually what I was thinking...


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