Monday, July 07, 2014


Painted up the third flash git over the weekend:

I really liked this one as a conversion but got bored halfway through painting it for some reason. Guess that's why I never played goffs...


  1. I'm stuck on repeat with my comments here Jeff but WOW - he looks brilliant.

    I love your skin tone - I need to try out that lighter washed out look - its so good.

    I'm particularly loving his mechanical arm - the dirty metal work looks fantastic.

    The splash of blue spot colour on the gun casing is so vibrant and once again your lens effects have come up trumps.

    1. Cheers mate!

      I agree - the skin worked out great on this guy. I shaded it with sepia and gave the knuckled, lips and other blood-rich parts a glaze of reikland which worked out really well. One need to work in quite a bit of brown in the green to keep the ork skin from looking cartoony.

  2. It certainly looks the very no-nonsense type - very Goff like!

    The bull-skull is a nice touch, echoes the Goff symbol perfectly.

    I look forward to seeing which Freebooter / Clan representative is next!

    1. Yeah - he´s got that surly, determined look I associate with goffs.

      I think the blood axe is next up!

  3. He looks great, love the idea of different clan themed ones nice one!


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