Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beer v.s. Minis 4-1

I've been focusing on work this week - got a big project to finish up this may. And it has to be said, the weather in Sweden has been exceptional after a looong winter so sitting in the evening sun with a cold beer has felt preferable to swearing over lost bits of plastic...

Today was rainy though so I continued work on the slaneeshi renegade. Also started building a grumpy aged inquisitor.


  1. Very cool combination of breast plate and legs (is this BS chest?)

    What is the source of the head ?

  2. Thanks!
    Ummm... BS?

    The head of the renegade is from the chaos chariot and the chestplate is from the sanginuary guard.

  3. This has to be the coolest Slaanesh Marine I have seen.

    Yet again a great miniature, well done Sir.


  4. BA (s was chaotic manifestation :)


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