Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The lure of Chaos

New parts arrived today so I've just started testfitting a truecale Slaneesh renegade. He'll be a sort of companion piece to the truescale loyalist marine I made a while back.

Slaneesh has always been my favourite chaos deity - there's a subtle nastiness surrounding him/her that I vastly prefer over the boring singleminded brutality of Khorne.


  1. Ah, but that's the whole point: Khorne is not as single-minded as he seems to be, which is reflected in many Black Library novels (as an example, you have the Blood Pact who aren't simply just mindless killers, even though they do that very well).

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing progress :)

  2. Should be a great figure, although I wonder about the difficulty of widening the torso when it has the sculpted muscle look.

    What kind of equipment are you going for? Whip and bolt pistol? Noise marine gun?

  3. Luke: Well... That may well be - but you have to admit he paints with a somewhat broader brush compared to Slaneesh...

    Lasgun: I'm not sure. Probably just a boltpistol and a blade. I'm not to fond of whips for some reason - it just never looks good to me. I think I have a dark eldar box somewhere though -there might be a neurowhip in it. I'll at least consider it!

    1. Oh, I do agree with that (love the expression you used), but I just felt like I should point out that he isn't as single-minded as people make him out to be and with a bit of imagination you can come up with quite a cool concept ;)

    2. We had a similar discussion over at the ammobunker... I think I'll just quote myself:

      "I don't know why but I just really really don't like Khorne. Never did. Don't like the rune. Don't like the colour scheme. Don't like the characters.

      In my mind all the other ruinous powers have, or at least used to have, some sort of quirky charm - a dark sense of humour and playfulness (especially Nurgle of course - my second favourite). Khorne really don't have a sense of humour.

      Perhaps it's also got something to do with red and the way 'eavy metal used to paint it in the early nineties when I discovered Warhammer. I don 't like Blood Angels that much either..."

      In the end it's just a matter of taste. It's like bands or artists or what have you.

  4. I love how this is shaping up, Mr.V.

    Where's his head from?

  5. Thanks Mr. F!!

    The head is the slaneesh one from the new chaos chariot. There's some really swell parts in there (even if the model itself might be a tad over the top).


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