Friday, May 10, 2013

"Meet your new partner!"

Just fooling with bits today.
I made a buddy for Clintus. The pose mirrors his almost exactly so I kinda view them as a team - like in a 80's buddy cop movie. This would then be the hot-headed rookie, while Clintus is grudgingly complaining about being two weeks from retirement.
You know - they get scolded in their inquisitors office:
"The mayor's gonna have my head for this!"
"Well chief - we did bring in the cultist ring leader..."
"You wrecked twenty landspeeders!!"
...And so on.

Also built a new crusader that I'm somewhat conflicted about. He'll probably get disassembled later on. Win some - loose some...


  1. I really like the Grey Knight head with that Bretonnian body...

  2. Yeah - I like that combination as well. But I think I'll turn him into a mystic or something - remove the sword and shield and give him something else to wave around...

  3. I think the Crusader looks brilliant. The issue (I think) is that the sword is too long. Swap it for a smaller one, or maybe an axe, and he'll look perfect.


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