Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life's too short

My back might be shot to hell - but I can still order bitz... If I tell you that a couple of goblin legs are on their way along with these heads:

Can you then guess what I'm planning...?


  1. Darn right!

    The tyranid/gw extinction conspiracy be damned - the stunties shall rise again!

  2. Cool! Really looking forward for this!! I just told Kari few days ago how I should start sculpting some Squats for fun=)

    1. I realised I had to give it a go after the mutants...
      I've always had a soft spot for the little buggers.

      Might do some ratlings as well. The abhumans are a often overlooked I think.

  3. Squats with goblin legs? Oh, the irony ;)

  4. Squats aren't dead in MY WH40K either. Pretty silly idea that they'd ALL be dead, even if some silly overgrown insects were purportedly somehow able to get past the Squats ubertech and grim determination.

  5. And apparently they're not! I seemed to recall somte new developments regarding their fate and lo and behold - when rereading the appendix of the new rulebook squats are actually listed as one of the most common abhuman strains (homo sapiens rotundus) along with ogryns, ratlings, beastmen and a few others. So it's official - the rumours of their death is vastly exagerrated...


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