Saturday, May 25, 2013

Only when I laugh...

INo converting or painting for me at the moment as I've contracted a crick in the neck of near biblical proportions. It feels like being slowly but methodically stabbed in the back by an expert torturer with a rusty dagger. 

I did however manage to snap a few group shots of Mahler and his cronies as requested by some of you fine gentlemen. Tried to tweak them in a PS app I bought for the ipad. I have somwhat mixed feelings about the results...

Here's a updated pic:


  1. Were these taken with another camera than your usual one? They seem to be quite pixelised, which is a bit of a shame...

    They are nice shots though. Putting miniatures into their meant context usually makes them even better than they already are :)

  2. I don't know what happened actually - The pics don't look like this on my phone... I think the blogger app must have done something to them - super compressed them somehow... I'll try to rectify this

  3. Well, if you posted from your phone, there's a good chance that it did this. My hypothesis is that it compresses the images so that you don't use up all of your mobile bandwidth uploading a few pictures (but I may be wrong).

    That or it could be the PS app that messed them for you.

  4. Sorry to hear about your neck, though somehow it will only help you to understand the "efficiency" of the =I='s way of persuading people......

    Though perhaps not the best quality of photos, the mini on the are. Really cool to see them together - thanks

  5. I know how you feel, mate! I recommend physio and regular stretching exercises.

    Awesome photo, too. These guys look really amazing and placing them into some terrain really brings them to live :)

  6. Get some icyhot or whatever it's called. Sorted my recent neck crick like a charm.

    Family shot looks fine to me. A fine group of grimdark adventurers.

  7. Thanks guys.

    Apparently the crappy pics have something to do with the updated blogger app. Been experimenting a bit and pics that looked fine when uploaded last week turn out compressed to death when I try to upload them now. I usually upload the pics with my phone and they always turn out fine so I hope this is a momentary glitch...

  8. Well, they look much better now, which is a relief. And yeah, hopefully it's only temporary. Maybe submit a bug report?

    Anyway, I hope your neck gets better soon!


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