Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our house (in the middle of our street)

Some of you have asked to see some of the buildings used in the group shot pictures a put up a few days ago.

Now we (well me...) here at he convertorum always aim to please so here´s a few shots of some recent cityfight buildings I put together.

These are pretty simple - I don´t put nearly as much thought and work into the terrain as into the minis and they´re painted almost exclusively using drybrushing and various washes. On some of them I dabbled a bit in salt weathering though (with mixed results).

For me it´s background, and while fun to make - it´s not a "necesssary evil"or anything like that - part of that fun is allowing yourself to be a bit more sloppy and slapdash. Both in construction and painting...


  1. Very nice looking buildings! I have been meaning to construct some myself for a while, but it is hard to pull myself from making new soldiers! I have always liked these buildings, and it is always a pleasure to seem them assembled so well and god-forbid, even painted! I am sure they will make your games even more characterful. I know it always helped me get in the narrative when there was nice terrain. Knowing this you would think I would try harder to make some...

  2. It quite fun once you get in to it - it is a completely different thing compared to making minis though. Another mindset.


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