Tuesday, June 04, 2013

On with his head!!

The back's not fit for painting yet, but I can still manage some good ol' kitbashing. 

Cobbled together this guy - a radical inquisitor. There is the matter of choice of head though... 

Meet our lucky contestants: 

A) valkyrie head

B) marauder head ( hell get a haircut - the braid goes but the mohawk stays)

C) marauder head

D) helmeted  marauder head

E) greatsword head

So - who's the winner?


  1. They are all great in their own way, but if you want him to be an Inquisitor, I'd say C) or E)

    Hope this helps ;)

  2. Very cool! I like the Valkyrie pilot head, maybe with a GS hose leading from the breath mask to somewhere, second vote is for C) - that looks great as well!

    Looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  3. I think I like the valkyrie pilot head the best. I feel it is a bit not often used, and gives him a very esoteric, terrifying look. Otherwise maybe B, it sort of gives him a Conan look; he is set in his ways and can't be bothered to explain his views to others, they either comply or suffer the consequences. Regardless, he looks to be a very promising model!

  4. The helmeted marauder head would be my pick. It makes him look like he has something to hide and has the mad gothic 40k feel.

  5. I like number 3 but I've seen that head used in loads of places for Inquisitors.

    Number 4 gets my pick - fits in great with the rest of the armour detail - gives the guys a great radical air!

    Number 5 looks too small for the body.

  6. I gotta vote for B. Grizzled old veteran Inquisitors are common as chips these days... how about a young starting Inquisitor for a change? This head makes the model look like a man newly promoted to "Junior" Inquisitor. What does the future hold for this man, full of promise and enthusiasm? What secrets will he uncover? What tragedies will befall him? Only the Emperor knows...

  7. I'd say D). It has that nice grimdark feel and goes well with the armor.

  8. Thanks for all the input guys! I'll let this sink in before I make my choice. I'm sorta kinda leaning towards A or B. B) is a really characterful head and as Kelly says - nice to see a new kid on the block. A) because it gives mim a rather aloof creepy look as Goodwyn pointed out.
    While I like D) he comes off as too chaotic - I'm saving that head for some other time.

  9. Greatsword head gets my vote. Looks far more natural with both the pose and the torso's details.

  10. I'd go for D.

    The oddly shaped helmet is more reminiscent of a hood than a real helmet, nice touch.

  11. I like D) helmeted marauder head


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