Thursday, June 06, 2013

The usual suspects

Here's a lineup of some of the minis I'm working on at the moment. A few you've seen but some are new.
I really, really, have to start painting and stop ordering new bitz... 
Oh well, eventually I'll run out of money so that'll probably take care of itself.

Also I'm very keen on starting a new eldar ghost warrior/dark eldar team-up army what with the release if the new codex and all those shiny new wraithbone robots.
And a xenos merc/bountyhunter army.
And then the squats. And...


  1. Lots of robes here. Very warm bunch of mutie-haters.

    Like the cheeky short chap in the last pic.

  2. Lots of really cool minis here - I think you should order some new bits and make up a few more though......................
    That last one cracks me up.

    1. Yeah - he does stand out from the crowd somewhat doesn´t he...

      I like to think he speaks like Danny DeVito...

  3. So the 'head' question for the Radical Inquisitor is settled? Very good choice IMHO.


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