Saturday, June 29, 2013

Herr Doktor

Finished up the interrogator. 
Changed his helmet to a muddy white in an effort to make him less chaotic looking, but not completely convinced if that plan worked. At all. 

However I kinda like this vicious bugger anyway. I like to think he speaks with a german accent:

"Ah - ze patient is awake. Time to begin ze procedure..."


  1. Impressive. How do you achieve the different metal colours? Do you use inks/washes or different metallic paints?

  2. Thanks!

    The brownish or brass metal is first drybrushed with a mix of silver and gold. Then washed with reikland flesh and earthshade and then given edge highlights with silver or gold.

    The steel is drybrushed with chainmail ( or whatever they're calling it nowadays), washed with nuln oil and earthshade and then drybrushed with silver.

  3. Simply brilliant - lovely muted colors.


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